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Fly Inside Pedigree Ovens' Harvard IL Facility

Fly with the drone inside Pedigree Ovens' 210,000 sft. manufacturing facility located in Arrowhead Industrial Park in Harvard IL. The facility opened in 2018. Drone footage by Ruston Aerials.

Pedigree Ovens 'Pawesome' Solar Array -- Harvard IL

Harvard-based Pedigree Ovens debuted its ‘pawesome’ solar array just in time for National Clean Energy Week 2020. The massive solar installation is in the shape of a large dog bone and paw print. It covers roughly 4.5 acres, includes more than 4,300 solar panels and will produce enough energy to cover 100% of the pet food manufacturer and distributor’s yearly energy needs. It will also offset 1,456 tons of greenhouse gases annually. Since 1996, Pedigree Ovens and its associated enterprises, The Pound Bakery and Petdine, have been producing top-of-the-line private label pet treats. Owner Kurt Sticker has a long history of investing in the Harvard community. He built a new 212,000 square foot facility in Arrowhead Industrial Park in 2017 to support the company’s rapid growth as a provider of large and small batch, handcrafted treats for pets. The company’s solar installation is equally handcrafted, and it did not happen without some challenges. The array, originally planned for the facility’s roof, had to be revisioned and moved to the ground by design company Simpleray to provide for Pedigree Oven’s future expansion. A custom order of black-on-black-on-black solar modules was manufactured by HT-SAAE for the dog bone and paw print. OMCO Solar, which created the mounting and racking for the installation, navigated uneven ground to ensure visual consistency of the display. Althoff Industries, the electrical contractor, oversaw placement of the modules. From the air, the finished array flows seamlessly. “It’s ‘pawesome’,” said Stricker, “and a perfect statement about everything that we do and care about.” In addition to saving money on energy costs, the array will reduce the company’s carbon footprint and help assure a sustainable clean energy future for the Harvard community. “Over the next 25 years, the array will offset 9,000 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of 50 railcars of coal from being burned and the equivalent of more than 22 million passenger vehicle miles,” he noted. “We are excited to have sustainable energy to support our sustainable products,” said Stricker.

City Of Harvard, Illinois

Harvard, Illinois is a city full of life, opportunity, rich history, and a bright future. Established in 1856, Harvard is a rural community based on agriculture and a hard work ethic with modern facilities, including Arrowhead Industrial Park with millions of square feet of industrial space under roof. Harvard is Opportunity!

Drone Video of Arrowhead Industrial Park

Watch this October 2019 drone video of Arrowhead Industrial Park in Harvard IL. More than 20 companies call Arrowhead home. With more than 530,000 square feet under roof, Arrowhead offers access, affordability and flexible expansion potential for commercial, industrial, distribution and office use. Fully-improved sites offer rail potential and access to I-90 via both State Route 173 and the brand-new Route 23 / I-90 interchange. Drone video by James Kaht of Rushton Aerials.

Inside the 1.5 Million SFT Former Motorola Facility in Harvard IL

The 1.5 million sft. former Motorola manufacturing and distribution facility is sitting empty on its 300-acre campus in Harvard, Illinois while its current offshore owner continues to deal with unrelated legal issues in Canada and China. The City of Harvard, the Harvard Economic Development Corp. (HEDC) and the State of Illinois all want to see this still-impressive facility put back into productive use to create jobs and tax revenue in northern Illinois.

Bird's-Eye View of the 1.5 million sft. Former Motorola Facility in Harvard IL

Flyover of the 1.5 million sft. former Motorola manufacturing and distribution facility in Harvard, IL. The 300-acre campus is now owned by a Chinese investment group, which is maintaining the grounds and refreshing the property. This intriguing, 360-degree bird's eye view is one which few people ever get to see. Drone video by Rushton Aerials.

Arrowhead Industrial Park By Air: Pedigree Ovens Expansion

Harvard’s premier business park offers fully improved sites ranging from 1.5 to 100 acres in size with Enterprise Zone, Free Trade Zone and TIF District benefits. Arrowhead also offers affordable construction and operating costs, flexible lot design and access to a quality workforce. Drone video by Rushton Aerials.

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